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Desiccators are enclosures used for preserving moisture-sensitive items. They provide a safe, economical, dust-free, and moisture-free storage environment for a range of devices and products. There are several types of desiccators. Some are designed to allow an inert gas such as nitrogen to flow through the chamber. Other drying systems are filled with a desiccant that absorbs moisture. Desiccators that use vacuum pressures to prevent the intrusion of moisture are also available. Typically, these sample dryers are also desiccant-filled. 


Desiccators differ in terms of performance specifications, physical dimensions, and optional features. Volume or capacity, the number of chambers, and temperature range are the most important performance parameters to consider.


S. Mark manufactured Desiccators capacity:

Capacity – 100 m3/hr

Pressure Class – 150#

Size – 12”

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